ExpressVPN has a server system spread all around the globe, covering more than 3,000 servers in 160 cities around 94 countries. It unblocks the likes of other websites, Twitter, Wikipedia and Facebook censored by authoritarian regimes, in addition to the most popular streaming stations like Amazon Prime ESPN, DAZN, Showtime, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and SkyGO.

ExpressVPN additionally supports file exchange via torrenting clients without the risk of place and your metadata being exposed to outsiders as expected. All the supplier’s servers are P2P-friendly and there are no limitations on bandwidth or speed. The programs use a kill button or a ‘Network Lock’, a mechanism that terminates your Internet access if the VPN link is interrupted preventing your information.

The clients of express VPN can also be equipped with the split-tunneling feature that divides your programs into people you would like to depart on the regular Internet connection and those you want to operate with VPN.


ExpressVPN uses the very best security mechanisms to protect your privacy. This includes the super-strong AES-256-CBC encryption protocol, as well as the Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) for preventing real-time regular data alterations. The transfer protocols employed by the programs include OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP.

The business handles its zero-knowledge 256-bit DNS on every server, meaning that your visitors are protected from attackers intercepting it, blocking it, and more – a threat that unencrypted DNS entails.

ExpressVPN has introduced an innovative VPN server tech calledTrustedServer. It relies on RAM instead of hard drives and ensures all of the VPN servers run the applications, minimizing the probability of misconfiguration and vulnerabilities. Because of this, this increases VPN security.

Privacy is also guaranteed by the policy. The organization’s website states that it doesn’t and will never log any traffic location or metadata, DNS queries, IP addresses (neither source or VPN), browsing history, or any other info that could be linked to you.

On the other hand, it gathers minimal information concerning the use of its services like apps and app variations successfully activated, dates (not times) if you connected to the VPN, which host you employed, and the whole amount of information transferred daily.

With most providers, you simply have to take their word for guarantees like the one that is no-logs, but ExpressVPN is a different story. Its doors have opened to an independent firm that confirmed its quality and conducted an audit of its solitude technology.

If that is not enough, its location ought to be. The headquarters are requiring data retention and outside the watchful gaze of authorities with a less positive stance on information privacy.


Performance-wise, ExpressVPN ticks all the correct boxes. There are latencies or no connection failures, the apps connect fast and rates are extremely fast, with some of the more remote locations delivering lower speeds, which is normal.

Customer service:

The service section has instruction guides for setting the support up, troubleshooting manuals, as well as providing you with different choices for getting assistance. These include opening up a support ticket and sending an email. Obviously , a live chat option can be found on the website and allows you to reach a customer support agent within minutes. Support is available 24/7

ExpressVPN also excels in the support for both those window-shopping and its customers. The web site has a site and updates relating to the provider and the VPN business generally.

Downsides of Express VPN:

ExpressVPN is the epitome of an ideal VPN service. It gives all you expect of a costly privacy service plus more. Its service is almost impeccable concerning speed and safety, and it facilitates access to personal streaming and torrenting popular TV shows that are not available in certain parts of the world.

The good news continues elsewhere, together with ExpressVPN delivering in every area. 256-bit tunneling with encryption? Check. P2P support? Yep. Netflix unblocking? Naturally. Split tunneling? No problem! Kill change escape protection, solid and dependable functionality, along with a clear no-logging policy? You’ve got it.

The ExpressVPN service is hosted in the British Virgin Islands, which is famous because of its lack of information retention legislation. This VPN supplier takes privacy seriously with all the guarantee of”no action logs” and”no connection logs,” which is difficult to beat policy for its VPN rivals.

There are useful VPN tools on the ExpressVPN site. These make it easy to check what your IP is, perform a DNS flow test, or a leak test that is WebRTC. Doing these and then replicating them with ExpressVPN running can confirm that the VPN is installed, functioning and providing the full benefit of its protection. This ExpressVPN provides these tools shows that the company is prepared to show users its VPN service really works.

Downsides? They only real fly in the ointment to keep in mind is that – thanks to its own quality – ExpressVPN commands a premium price tag. Nevertheless, for those who want speedy service, packed with top-notch characteristics that encourage just about every device on the market, with all the 24/7 support you need to assist you to utilize them, and with almost too many options for repayment, ExpressVPN will be a great fit.